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Our training programs are designed for rapid business transformations. They are designed to bring knowledge to organisations in a very brief period. Regardless, if you are attending for three hours or two days, they are designed for immediate impact, filled with ideas, concepts and tools that you can apply immediately.
The trainers at Knowledge Lab are extremely professional and they employ innovative and interactive approaches in engaging participants. This key feature was particularly important considering the diverse nature of Geregu’s team. Furthermore, the use of real-life examples and idiosyncratic thought leaders to explain leadership principles was also one of the highlights of our session as it encouraged participants to engage with the concepts and more importantly challenge their traditional ways of thinking about leadership. The training made a very good impression on all participants from Geregu and we will be happy to engage Knowledge Lab again in future.


Akin Olagbende
General Counsel, Geregu Power Plc, Nigeria

Empathetic and understanding viewpoints from the officers allowed us to get a deeper understanding of our own startup. Looking forward to continuous partnership and insights sharing.


Co-Founder, Moaah, Singapore

I attended their workshop last year. Dom was very engaging, a big thank you to them for putting so much passion in training people. The content was interesting, especially if you want to bring to your organization a fresh perspective on collaboration and teamwork. Plus it was great to connect with the other attendees, all great professional in various sectors such as consulting, banking, education and tech. Highly recommended training.


Giorgio Posterano
Director, IE Business School, ANZ

VCPO has exceptional content, both in its vision and execution. It is a breakthrough product that gave us in-depth understanding of our company's core strengths and weaknesses, and how we could maximise our productivity in a healthy and structured regime.


Yun Sil Chu
Co-Founder, Moaah, Singapore

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We are Knowledge Lab. We are a purpose-led organisation. Most people think we provide workshops, but that’s not 100% true. We provide Labs. The difference? Our Labs are more engaging, inspiring, and educational. They are designed to bring knowledge to organisations in a very brief period, more precisely in just 2 days!
We practice what we preach. At Knowledge Lab, we offer a highly personalised training program complete with built-in mentoring and support. Our corporate labs are designed to create an immediate impact.

Our training and mentoring programs are delivered by an experienced coach in deployment of Customer-centric transformation and business ‘bottom line’ returns.

While we have ready-made programs that you can select, we can always ‘recalibrate’ to make sure that the course objectives align with successful customer outcomes.

We are here to help you transition your organisation into the most innovative organisation there is. And this is how we do it.


We believe in conversation over documentation. It is about having a conversation and understanding client needs, and then seeing if we are able to assist.


We often connect prospects to existing clients allowing them to have a conversation and share their experience. We learn from every implementation and make improvement.


We only work with clients after a complementary trial. The trial will tell you if we are the right fit and it will also tell us if you are ready for transformation.


You will also receive up to 6 months of unlimited mentoring support on your first implementation, to secure that you succeed in achieving positive business outcomes.
We have a variety of out of the box products, proven programs, tools and techniques that we know will deliver results. That’s why we include a “No risk policy”. Besides the 100% money back guarantee (no questions asked) we will only work with clients after completing an initial trial.

For Startups

Our programs are designed for rapid business transformation. They are designed to bring knowledge to an organisation in a very brief period. Online, face to face, and self-paced labs are available.

For Corporates

Whether you are looking to solve a vital business challenge or just looking for new insights for further growth, our business is here to help you achieve your goals.
Are you ready to go through your greatest transformation yet?

Domenico is passionate about growing businesses sustainably through innovative strategies. An Entrepreneur with work experience on a global scale, Domenico has made transformations happen within both large corporations and small start-ups. Today, when he is not exploring the next start up, his time is spent coaching and consulting companies and individuals to get to high performance, helping them on their journey to become better leaders, improve company culture, adopting innovative strategies and ultimately shape customer-centric organizations. Domenico’s purpose is to create a better tomorrow, for our customers and for everyone around us.

Domenico A. Pinto
Founder & Chief Performance Officer


Ahtri 12, Tallinn, 10151, Estonia

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